illume Skylight Alternative TM

 illume is powered by a solar panel positioned on the roof,  cutting the cost of your power bill, by reducing the need for electrical lighting or batteries in your homes dark rooms or spaces.


Solar Powered Skylight Alternative

 This system eliminates problems such as leaking, heat transfer and heat loss often associated with traditional skylights. No roof penetration means no chance of leaks, no heat gain or loss and no bugs or dust on your diffuser. 

Virtual windows

Virtual Windows

 Virtual windows can be flush mounted, square set recessed or even mocked up to look very real with the addition of your choice of architectural hardware. 

roof ventilation. solar power

Solar Roof Ventilation

 The Kimberley™ Solar Roof Ventilator is designed to take advantage of free and clean solar energy to cool down your home by drawing hot air out of your roof space and replacing it with cooler air from outside. Solar Roof Ventilators will also protect your home from airborne moisture related damage to building materials. .

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